Ищу: Текст песни на английском языке "Rin - The Flames of the Yellow Phosphorus"

Название: The Flames of the Yellow Phosphorus
Исполнитель: Rin Kagamine


Март 12, 2011 | Оставил заказ: Лейлочка | Категория: Музыка | Статус: Выполнено.

1) Анонимно Апрель 16, 2011; 0:13

The yellow phosphorus creates a flame which
Burns this sinful body away to nothing

I needed money to
Get a loaf of bread
"Won't you buy some matches?"
People wouldn't turn around for me

If only to freeze my hope
My body trembled in the cold
Asking for a little warmth
I lit a fire at the tip of a match

I could see a vision swaying before me
Hey, charm me with a recollection of absolute bliss
The yellow phosphorus creates a flame which
Warms up this body and soul

When I return to reality, there's
A loneliness over the unsold items

Until all matches are sold
My father won't let me eat anything
There's just no way I'm going to be cold and hungry
I lit my house on fire with my father waiting inside

I could see a silhouette swaying before me
Come on, burn with anguish a thousand-fold
Because I burned down the house I was brought up in
I bought a loaf of bread with some coins

They won't let me off for that serious crime
My body is bound
At my feet, the executioner
Lit a fire

I just wanted to eat a loaf of bread
They couldn't even allow that
The yellow phosphorus creates a flame which
Burns this body and soul away to nothing