Ищу: Queen of Darkness ~The First moon~ [Japanese Language only]


Queen of Darkness the original game came out on 2008 by the company Heterodoxy. In 2009 it got a remake which is called Queen of Darkness ~The First moon~.I want to play the remake, but the company have shut down now so I cannot simply buy it. I managed to only find a chinese version at otomedream.com, but I need the japanese version (they also have it, probably, but it's private). Unlike the main game, the remake is 15+, please find it for me. Also I hear there is a replay+ patch, I'd be grateful if you find it too.

Март 17, 2012 | Оставил заказ: aurora6290 | Категория: Игры | Статус: Закрыто.

2) aurora6290 Май 12, 2012; 22:32
Never mind, I found it.


1) Ri Апрель 18, 2012; 18:09

1.1) Анонимно Апрель 19, 2012; 11:11
Нет, человек же ссылку дал. Вот эта контора http://vndb.org/p743


1.1.1) Ri Апрель 19, 2012; 22:54
С рутрекера:
> Год выпуска: 2009
> Жанр: VN, otome
> Рейтинг: All
> Разработчик: Heterodoxy

С vndb:
> 2009-12-2915+ Queen Of Darkness Replay+ [Addition Disk] (patch)developer, publisher
> 2009-12-2915+ Queen Of Darkness ~the first moon~

Либо на рутрекере Replay+, либо то, что ищет ТС, либо вообще что-то третье...